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What are the costs associated with payments processing?

We charge a fee for each authorisation attempt, commission fee for each successful payment and a monthly account maintenance fee. There are also fees for processing of chargebacks, declined payments and issuing refunds. Please feel free to apply for a Merchant account (Checkout product) or OCT account (Payouts product) with us via Get Started form on our web-site, so that we can prepare an offer matching your business needs and fitting the best for your business model.


How much is your account opening fee? 

Our onboarding fee starts from EUR 100 and depends on the complexity of technical integration of your website or payment system with our payment processing platform.


What are your fees for acquiring?

The fees for processing of the EU and UK cards start from 2.5% + 0.25 EUR.

The fees for non-EU cards start from 3.5% + 0.25 EUR. 

Please check our full price list here.


What are your fees for OCT?

Prices for the clients performing OCT transactions are individually derived based on the client’s risk factor. 

The fees for sending the funds to EU cards start from 0.6% + 0.9 EUR.

The fees for sending to non-EU cards start from 1% + 1 EUR.


Are there any monthly fee to maintain my account?

Our monthly fee for operating a merchant account starts from EUR 20. 

OCT account maintenance fee starts from 50 EUR. No maintenance fee is charged with 100,000+ EUR monthly turnover.


Is there a fee for closing my account?

You can close your account free of charge with us at any time with at least 1 month written notice of your intention to terminate.

FMPay reserves the right to exercise immediate termination of the Agreement in cases:

- if the Client violates the terms and conditions of the Agreement, including, but not limited to, failure to pay to FMPay any Fees, Other Charges, and/or amounts due under the Agreement or otherwise; 

- if the Client, in FMPay’s reasonably exercised judgment, is or may be engaged in fraudulent or illegal activity;

- if documents, information or clarification are requested from the Client and such documents are refused to be provided or not received by FMPay within 10 Business Days from the date of the request.

Account closure is also free in that case.


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