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How can my website be integrated with FMPay payment platform?

Integration work for FMPay acquiring service is done on your side and we will provide you with all the necessary integration documentation.

First we will give you an access to a sandbox environment where you can make unlimited amount of test transactions. The sandbox environment is exactly the same as production with one exception, no transactions are sent to the card networks. Nevertheless, you may still test all essential components such as authorisation, 3D Secure, recurring charges, etc. 

Once you are ready, we will provide you an access to the production environment. From this moment all transactions will become live and you can start accepting payments on your website. Your first settlement will take place after 3 days or later according to your Service Agreement.


What types of payment integration do you offer? 

FMPay offers 3 types of technical integration of our payment platform with your website: Hosted payment page (Redirect), iFrame (Embedded check-out) and Self-hosted payment page (Server-to-server). Read more about the pros and cons of each type in our Blog here.

Different PCI DSS requirements will apply depending on the number of transactions you plan to process and the payment integration type that you chose to implement. 

To create a seamless and secure environment for our merchants we offer a fast, secure and easy to implement API (Application Programmable Interface). Through the different customization options you will be able to see and control multiple supported currencies as well as set both one-time and recurring payments.


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